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Abacus Cost Services

Britney Ahlmannhas done cost plan in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Nebraska and North Dakota.  She resides in Minnesota.  Contact Britney

Kate Hemleben is a CPA with nearly 10 years of experience doing cost plans for counties, cities and state agencies in Ohio.    Contact Kate

Diane Blaschko is the newest addition to the team.   She is the CEO of De Novo Consulting and has done cost plans in North Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin, Ohio and more.   Contact Diane

John Boyer designed many of the systems in use by his previous employers.  He is the author of unique cost allocation system that Abacus will utilize in developing cost plans for its clients.  Contact John

Dawn Rhoneis a CPA and resident of North Dakota.   She has previous experience with North Dakota Cost Plans in addition to Minnesota and Nebraska.  She will be providing oversight and consultation to the staff.   Contact Dawn